About Us



Chocolate Money's success is because we aim to leave our clients with a sweet taste with every interaction.  Our team always treats our clients professionally, with respect and care. 

Share your experiences with the Director, Harry Pontikis - on harry@chocolatemoney.com or call him on 0411 258 058.



Our team of finance professionals have been in the finance broking industry for a very long time;   

They are celebrated and awarded by the industry for their knowledge, understanding and success for finding solutions for their clients.

Our team also has contacts within all the main banks, non-banks and lenders who specialise in lending to the building industry and have insight into their lending policies and guidelines; thereby equipping themselves to serve Chocolate's clients even better!



Our team members have been in the finance broking industry for a very long time!  They know who to speak to and know how to assist clients get the best deal!

Our lending advisors are supported by a wonderful team of administration support and loan packagers who assist with all aspects of the finance process.

Our team has organised loans from $50k business overdrafts, all the way up to $200m commercial developments and everything in between!