Frequently Asked Questions


How is Chocolate Money different to other brokers?

Chocolate Money has been providing finance for the building industry since 2003.  They are an award- winning brokerage and recognised by the Professional Lenders Association.  Chocolate is also privately owned with no allegiance to any bank or lender; the only focus is on the benefit of its clients.  

Can Chocolate also help with my home loan?

Absolutely Chocolate Money will organise your home loan and we also insist on organising all your lending requirements to ensure your needs are achieved whilst focussing on not putting you into financial hardship.

What is the secret to chocolate's success?

The focus on the well-being of Chocolate's clients is why our clients stay with us for life; we do not focus on the transaction but rather on achieving the required outcomes.  Therefore, we are an integral part of our clients' strategies, often working in conjunction with their accountants, lawyers and the other advisors used.

Do you have access to specialised products?

Yes we do - unlike most generalist finance brokers, Chocolate Money has access to funders, lenders and specialised money sources not available to others.  We also have access to all the standard banks, non banks and lenders so as to ensure our clients receive the most appropriate solutions for their situation.

Do you charge for your service?

Every lending situation is taken on its individual merits, complexity and risk.  Customers are informed of any fees or charges well before engaging Chocolate Money to provide lending solutions.

Do you provide financial advice?

No - we never tell you where to spend your money and therefore do not provide any financial advice; We help you achieve what outcomes you seek and therefore will facilitate the most appropriate loans to achieve this.  Chocolate Money has an Australian Credit License - 387277

Types of loans available via Chocolate Money

Looking after our clients' lending needs since 2003