Association Alliances

Helping companies better engage

Chocolate Money has been working with associations across a range of industries to help them engage with their members on a personal level.

The engagement strategies offered are all education-based and focused on delivering value for each individual and without prejudice or predetermined outcomes.

In other words, the finance education is general in nature and designed to provide their members with the knowledge and understanding of the financial and mortgage system to empower them to make better life decisions.

There are no pre-determined outcomes EVER! We do not sell share portfolios or investment properties; we merely provide finance to enable people do what they want to do; whether it's to buy their first home, purchase an investment property, invest in shares, buy a medical practice or build their first project. 


Chocolate engages people on a long-term, relationship basis and not transactional in any way. Most of our interactions are based on providing information to allow people make informed personal and business decisions.